Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Caspi & Co. (the “Firm”) respects the privacy of the user of the site. This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is part of the site’s terms of use (the “Terms of Use”) and the provisions set forth in the Terms of Use, including with respect to the Disclaimer, jurisdiction and applicable law, will also apply to and relate to the Privacy Policy. The access to the site, its content or any part of it, and the use of any of them, including the various services offered or to be offered in the future on the site, indicates the user’s consent to what is stated in the Privacy Policy and the other conditions.

The Privacy Policy describes the manner in which the Firm processes and stores information (as defined in the Privacy Protection Law, 1981) (the “Privacy Protection Law”) about users (“User Information”), to the extent required by law, also regarding any data about the user that the Firm collects, stores or processes (such as user data as defined below).

1. Collection of information:

1.1 As part of any use of the Website, or whenever a user contacts the Firm in the provision of services in any way, he may be asked to provide the Firm with details about him which will be collected by the Firm, including name, email address, and other identifying information, as required. This information is part of the User Information.

1.2 The user is not obliged by law to provide this information, and the information is provided voluntarily and with his consent. However, if such information is not provided, it may prevent the Firm to provide certain content and/or services. In addition, the Firm will be entitled to prevent a user from browsing the site or certain areas on it, or from using various services, at the sole discretion of the Firm.

2. The Use of information:

2.1 The Firm collects the information both for its business purposes and, inter alia, for the following purposes:

2.1.1 in order to operate and manage the site, the content and services offered on it;

2.1.2 In order to provide the user with the services, content and products he requested to be provided to him and/or those available and/or to be available in the future on the site.

2.1.3 In order to improve and enrich the content, services and products of the Firm and create new content, services and products;

2.1.4 keep in touch with users and send various updates and content;

2.1.5 for any other lawful purpose.

2.2 The details and information about the user may be provided to third parties, to the extent necessary for the purposes stated above. The Firm may transfer the said User Information to third parties, including in the cases listed below:

2.2.1 For the purpose of storing them on the servers used by the Firm.

2.2.2 In connection with third party products provided by the third party.

2.2.3 In the opinion of the Firm, the user violated the terms or part of them, law, third party rights or performed through the site, or in connection with it, actions against the law or tried to perform such actions;

2.2.4 If the Firm receives an instruction from any authority (including a court order) instructing it to provide data from the User Information to that authority and/or to a third party.

2.2.5 in connection with a dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand or legal proceeding which will be conducted by the user or anyone on his behalf and the Firm or anyone on its behalf;

2.2.6 In the event that the Firm deems that the provision of the information is necessary to prevent damage to the user’s body or to his property or to the body or property of another;

2.2.7 Statistical information about the use of the website, or any information which does not personally identify the user.

2.2.8 As part of a merger of the Firm with third parties and/or the sale of certain business activities of the Firm to third parties.

3. Collection of user data: The Firm may also collect data during the use of the site and/or the content, data that does not directly identify the user, including statistics, aggregates, information about the user’s browsing habits, information about offers and services that interested the user and information received from the browser, including the user’s Internet address (IP) (“User Data”). The User’s Data, as well as any information, insight, content, service or product related to them and/or to be developed in connection with them, are the exclusive property of the Firm. The user does not have and hereby waives any right in connection with the aforesaid (including the right to any consideration).

4. Transfer of information outside of Israel: The Firm may choose to transfer User Information outside of Israel and/or provide access to User Information to third parties outside of Israel. Those third parties and/or states may have laws that protect the privacy of users in a lesser level and any user hereby waives any claim in connection with such transfer or access.

5. User Rights: For the purpose of reviewing and exercising user rights in connection with this Privacy Policy (including under the Privacy Protection Act and the Communications Act), please contact:

6. Advertising: The Firm may choose to send the user content that may be of interest to the user (including advertisements as defined in the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 1982, including by direct mail (as defined in the Privacy Protection Law). The user can request that such content will not be provided to him.

7. External Sites: The site may contain links to third party products. Use of these products is subject to the Privacy terms set forth therein.

8. Information security: The Firm invests considerable resources in securing User Information. However, the Firm cannot guarantee that the site will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored by it, and subject to the provisions of any law, the Firm will not be liable for any damage caused by unauthorized intrusion into this information or the computer systems in which it is stored.

9. Changes: The Firm may from time to time change the provisions of the Privacy Policy, inter alia, in order to reflect technological, business, legal or regulatory changes. To the extent that material changes are made to the instructions regarding the use of personal information provided by the user, a notice will be published on the home page. Questions regarding this privacy policy, or inquiries regarding the review, correction or deletion of the user’s personal information, should be directed to us via the contact form on the website or by sending an e-mail to: